Tim Carter Installs the Ultimate Pipe Flashing®

Tim Carter AskTheBuilder.com Ultimate Pipe Flashing® installation

8 years ago, Tim Carter from AskTheBuilder.com demonstrated how to install the Ultimate Pipe Flashing®. Our patented design and quality roofing products stand the test of time. Thanks to Tim Carter and Davinci Roofscapes for their support and involvement in this video.

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EASYSleeve® Installation

Watch an installation of a Lifetime Tool® EASYSleeve® over a corroded cast iron pipe, followed up with The Ultimate Pipe Flashing® installation.

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Intro to the Ultimate Pipe Flashing®

The Ultimate Pipe Flashing® is made from ultra-pure silicone and is guaranteed for the life of your roof. Fits flat to very steep slopes (18/12+), and the compression collar makes a watertight seal.

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