Pipe Flashing
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Ultimate Pipe Flashing®

The Ultimate Pipe Flashing® is made from pure silicone. Just like sand, it is made from silica, and it is 100% stable in the sun. Most of all, it's about the proprietary design.

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    Proprietary compression collar makes a watertight seal for the life of the roof

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    Available in both 24ga galv. Dark Bronze Kynar®️ & 316L marine grade Stainless Steel

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    Generous perimeter flashing allowing for proper watertight installation: 4″ of flashing on each side, 5½″ at the top, 3″ on the bottom

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    Flat to very steep slopes (18/12+)

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    Guaranteed watertight for the life of your roof. See warranty for details.

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    Size specific to Schedule 40 PVC, ABS, Some Iron Pipes, Copper & Cast Iron use EASYSleeve® or EASYFitTM

* The UPF is size-specific for schedule 40 PVC pipes.


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* Independent testing by Farabaugh Engineering


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    Removable Cap

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    Rubber damper cushions for quieter operation

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    Large plate for a leak-proof installation

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    Even the black oxide screws are stainless steel for a lifetime of trouble free operation!

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EasySleeve Full


  • Must use for copper & cast iron up to 3”
  • Cut! Drop! Go!
  • For use with the Ultimate Pipe Flashing®

EASYFit™ with compression cap


  • For 3” & 4” cast iron pipe
  • Install a new pipe in less than 10 minutes!
  • For use with the Ultimate Pipe Flashing®

LT SL 1a

SquareLock™ LT 200 / LT 300

  • For double-lock standing seam
  • Angled set screws help prevent panel damage
  • Certified Almag 35 for maximum strength and durability
  • Unlike others, torque them, they won’t break!

ap snow guard

Lifetime Tool® AP 400 / AP 500

  • For architectural panels up to ½” seam
  • Set screws are designed for maximum performance
  • Certified Almag 35 for maximum strength and durability

dryer vent metal roofs

Ultimate Bath/Dryer Vent for Metal Roofs

  • Proprietary design for a water-tight roof
  • Cap is removable for easy cleaning
  • Rubber damper stops for quiet operation

ultimate pipe metal roofs

Ultimate Pipe Flashing® for Metal Roofs

  • Silicone, just like sand, is made from silica and is 100% stable in the sun
  • Proprietary compression collar insures a water-tight seal

schedule 30-40 adapter

Schedule 30-40 Adapter

  • You must use this adapter to accommodate the Ultimate Pipe Flashing® for schedule 30 PVC pipe (Radon)
  • To accommodate 3” Radon pipes

ultimate pipe stainless steel

Stainless Steel
Ultimate Pipe Flashing® for Shingle Roofs

  • Marine grade 316L Stainless Steel plate
  • Generous perimeter flashing, allowing for a proper water-tight seal
  • Silicone, just like sand, is made from silica and is 100% stable in the sun