Lifetime Tool Testimonials: A LOT OF HAPPY

I put on probably 750 asphalt shingle roofs and I will tell you right now, the Lifetime Tool product is the best I’ve ever seen!


Premier Service Contracting – Beechgrove, TN

We use the Lifetime Tool Ultimate Pipe Flashing because there’s nothing better. We install 50 year roofs and we need something that’s going to last at least as  long as out roofs. That’s why we go these, the silicone is indestructible! It’s awesome. There’s nothing better out there!

Phil McShirley

Roof Simple – Front Royal, VA

We use the Ultimate Lifetime collar on every job. It’s not just on specialty jobs or anything like that. It’s something that we offer for every customer as part of our as part of our everyday roofing. We feel that it’s a superior product, more than anyone else offers in the market. Combined with the type of workmanship that we do and the products that we use on your roof as far as shingles go, it’s a perfect match for us at MW. We can stand behind it we can give a lifetime warranty and know that the products that we’re using the stand up to our workmanship to give our customers peace of mind that when they this is the last group that they’re going to put on their house. And it’s because of products like this that MW can say that we’re good to go.

MW Roofing

MW Roofing – Bear, DE

We use the Ultimate Pipe Flashings on every one of our CertainTeed roof installs, we’re firm believers in it. It’s a great product! There’s good, there’s better, and then there’s Morse.

Morse Home Improvement

Morse Home Improvement – Dagsboro, DE

We use the Ultimate Pipe Flashing on all of our roofs to avoid callbacks. With its 50 year warranty and its compliance with GAF. It’s a huge help and a huge contribution to our roofing system.

Robert Jones

Bright Side Roofing and Siding – Dover, DE

We use the Ultimate pipe flashing all the time, on every roof. It’s the only way to go, we use it all the time because it’s the right thing to do for the house. The number one the leak is on a boot or chimney. Why would you use anything less? Seriously, we order these things by the truckload because it is the best and our customers are happy and we’re happy, it’s worth the money. Don’t go anywhere else.


Horch Roofing – Warren, ME

I’ve been using this product since they came out in 2011. I met them at the first international roofing show that I went to down in Florida. That same year, they won the innovative tool of the year. Again, I’ve been using them for the last 10 years. I have never had a callback on any of their products and they’re made in America


Triple Peaks Roofing and Construction – Holmstead Falls, OH

It seems pretty simple, but it is probably the most profound thing that I can actually use for our customers on our roofs to make roofing systems nice and sound. I can’t wait to start installing these!


True North Roofing – Cottage Grove, MN