“Prior to using The Ultimate Pipe Flashing, we used lead boots. The lead boots were difficult to transport because they got banged up easily and they were more difficult to install because they needed to be painted. Moving to The Ultimate Pipe Flashing was great for us because it has made our installation process easier and the customers like it more because it looks nice over a longer period of time.

Before using The Ultimate Bath Vent we used a standard metal vent. The metal vents had leak points on the back and did not have a vent that could be removed for cleaning. Unfortunately because of the frequent leaks, we had a lot more service calls. Now that we use The Ultimate Bath Vent we do not have to worry about the product leaking and the customers can easily clean the vents.

Both from an installation and a customer satisfaction standpoint, The Ultimate Pipe Flashing and The Ultimate Bath Vent are superior products and we couldn’t be happier with them.”

Jim Singleterry, CEO

RoofSmart  – Auburn, WA


David Barnett with Barnett Roofing, out of Knoxville, Tennessee. We’ve been using Lifetime boots since they first debuted, and we put on about 4,500 a year. We absolutely love your product. Helps us sell probably an extra $4 million a year just by using your products, showing customers. It is a product that sells itself for us, and please make it more for us.

David Barnett, Owner

Barnett Roofing - Knoxville, TN

I’m Darrel Greene with Premiere Roofing based out of Columbia, South Carolina. We’ve been using Ultimate Lifetime products for quite some time. We find tremendous value in separating ourselves from all other companies while offering this product. Sometimes it’s an upsell. Sometimes it’s a winning item to help win over the roof again against our competition. They’re still putting on the old style boots. That’s one simple thing that really separates us from the competition by being able to offer this product.

Darrel Greene, Director of Sales

Premiere Roofing - Columbia, SC

Hey there, my name is Verrill Beaudro owner of Flow Roofing out of Portland, Oregon, and we run all too often into broken pipe boots, cracked pipe boots, cheap pipe boots. Ultimate is the only name in lifetime pipe boots in the industry, and it’s the only product that we’ll stand by. For pretty much every package that you get through Flow Roofing, we’re gonna stand by Lifetime pipe boots.

Verrill Beaudro, Owner

Flow Roofing - Portland, OR

I’m Michael Dier, Jackson, Mississippi. I’ve used all kinds of pipe boots over the years, been doing roofing for over 20 years now, and I chose Lifetime pipe boots on my personal home, and I’m very pleased.

Michael Dier, Owner

Watkins Construction - Jackson, MS

Received a call from one of our previous customers about a water leak coming through the bathroom ceiling. And I pretty much knew what it was going to be before I event went down there to look at it, and sure enough, it’s the roof gasket going around the plumbing vent. Cheap inferior product, you know, under $20 for that roof gasket. What you want to use is one of these Lifetime vents…silicone, not going to dry out, rot away like that one.

Adam Clarke, CEO/Owner

A Clarke Construction - Massachusetts

This right here is my favorite thing ever in the history of forever. I think about this every day. I think about this all night long. I stay awake not sleeping because I’m thinking about this.

Whitney Roofing

Whitney Roofing - Effingham, Il

If you’ve ever had a roof leak, you understand how frustrating that experience can be. I’m Finn with Super Roofing company and I’m going to talk a little bit about pipe boots today. In my right hand I have just a traditional or standard pipe boot. The life of these is typically five to 10 years we very frequently see leaks coming from these pipe boots. Now if you want a truly worry-free roof in my left hand what I have here is the Ultimate Pipe Flashing. These are warrantied for the life of the roof, and it’s a great product if you don’t ever want to experience another leak coming from one of your pipe boots. Give us a call today at 704-232-7879 for any of your roofing needs.

Finn Gleason

Super Roofing Company - Fort Mill, SC

I put on probably 750 asphalt shingle roofs and I will tell you right now, the Lifetime Tool product is the best I’ve ever seen!


Premier Service Contracting - Manchester, TN

We use the Lifetime Tool Ultimate Pipe Flashing® because there’s nothing better. We install 50 year roofs and we need something that’s going to last at least as  long as out our roofs. That’s why we go with these, the silicone is indestructible! It’s awesome. There’s nothing better out there!

Phil McShirley

Roof Simple - Front Royal, VA