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Lifetime Tool® & Building Products, LLC herein known as LIFETIME TOOL® warrants all of its products:

The Ultimate Pipe Flashing®, The Ultimate Lifetime Bath-Dryer Vent™, EASYSleeve®, EASYFit™, SquareLock™ snow guard, and the LT-AP snow guard, beginning at the time of installation of the new roof covering (shingle, slate, tile, etc.) for the life of the roof, or in the case of retrofit, for the life of the existing roof against any manufacturing or material defect subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations below.

Lifetime Tool® fully warrants our products for performance and weathertight integrity. Lifetime Tool® uses only factory-applied, 70% PVDF fluoropolymer paint systems. These architectural paint systems are considered to be the industry standard and have historically been known as Kynar® paint systems. Lifetime Tool® cannot warrant factory-applied paints. Furthermore, Lifetime Tool® cannot warrant coatings applied in the field over factory-applied finishes.

Any claims involving paint condition will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of Lifetime Tool®.

If a Lifetime Tool® product is believed to be defective, the purchaser must notify Lifetime Tool® by writing, emailing, or via fax and describe the nature of the complaint. To receive an RMA, the purchaser must provide the place of purchase, date of installation, and the installers contact information. Photograph(s) are helpful and may expedite the process.

Purchaser shall return the part(s) to Lifetime Tool®, where at the sole discretion of Lifetime Tool it will be determined if the part(s) are indeed defective.

The purchaser may choose to prepay for the replacement parts plus shipping and handling, thus expediting the process or choose to wait until Lifetime Tool® receives and examines the parts and determines if there is a valid warranty claim. If it is determined to be a failure of either manufacturer or materials, Lifetime Tool shall cover all costs of its replacement parts (parts manufactured by Lifetime Tool) and reasonable shipping expenses.

Removal of the defective part and associated costs of labor and material are the sole responsibility of the purchaser as well as any related damages.

Improper installation of Lifetime Tool® products may be described as but not limited to:

1. Not adhering to the size specific requirements of its flashing components.

2. Any alteration to products whatsoever.

3. The use of products on non-intended pipes or materials.

4. Nailing of the plate outside the provided nailing slots.

5. The use of any caulks or sealants on the silicone boot.

6. The removal of the compression ring that comes installed upon the boot neck.

7. The use of any acidic or caustic chemicals that could attack the products or their coatings.

For correct installation, see website for video details at LifetimeTool.com.

Lifetime Tool® and its representatives reserve the right to inspect any installation for the suspected failed products and shall arrange for an immediate inspection with property owner.

No other expressed or implied warranty has been made on behalf of Lifetime Tool® with respect to any of its products nor shall any of its representatives or sales agents have the authority to make any promises or warranties other than what is stated within this document.

Lifetime Tool® shall not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damages, loss of use, damage to personal or real property, or inconvenience resulting from improper installation or use.

Made in the USA.