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Intro to the Ultimate Pipe Flashing

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Ultimate Pipe Flashing Installation

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Product Specific Literature,
Specifications & Test Results

The warranty is located in the “Support” pull down menu. Simply click on the ‘warranty’ pull down menu and scroll to the bottom of the screen and click ‘download’.

Each Ultimate Pipe Flashing must have the black PVC collar on it during installation. If it is missing it may allow the silicone boot to loosen over time.

Schedule 30 PVC pipes (commonly used for Radon venting) require our 30/40 adapter or must me re-plumbed to Schedule 40 PVC.

Technically it may be the same diameter, but because of the naturally abrasive surface of cast iron we recommend using the EasyFit™ or EasySleeve®. For 4″ cast iron, use the EasyFit™ and follow our EasyFit™ Installation video on this website. For 2″ and 3″ cast iron, use EasySleeve®, installation video also available on this website.


Any claims involving paint condition will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of Lifetime Tool®.

If a Lifetime Tool® product is believed to be defective, the purchaser must notify Lifetime Tool® by writing, emailing, or via fax and describe the nature of the complaint. To receive an RMA, the purchaser must provide the place of purchase, date of installation, and the installers contact information. Photograph(s) are helpful and may expedite the process.