Ultimate Pipe Flashing® for the Life of your Roof!

Lifetime Tool® & Building Products LLC’s Ultimate Pipe Flashing® employs a break-through design with a proprietary sealing method for plumbing vent pipes and other roof penetrations. The Ultimate is a true solution to the well documented failures of products currently available on the market and has undergone exhaustive ASTM, Dade County Florida and other testing as noted in the specifications section of this website.

Ultimate Pipe Flashing

AlienThe ultra-pure Silicone chosen by the solar, window and curtain wall industries for its well-established success in long term UV/Ozone stability avoids the cracking & splitting found in other products. Our proprietary compression collar prevents the rubber from the inevitable relaxation away from the pipe and it is designed not to cut or notch the silicone. it fits roof pitches from flat to 20/12+ for PVC pipes up to 2” and 18/12 for 3” and 4”.

A generous four inches of flashing with nailing slots are provided for the sides and six inches for the top of the unit, assuring a weather-tight seal without messy caulking. Our size specific pipe flashings are designed to last many decades without maintenance and are guaranteed to last the life of original roof covering.

Angry Sun

The EasySleeve®

Failed flashing…dog ugly pipe…gone in a snap

The EasySleeve® now makes it possible to have the best pipe flashing components available on site to deal with almost any and all pipe penetrations including those that are damaged, worn or irregular sized. When used with the Ultimate Pipe Flashing®, the EasySleeve®  provides a lifetime solution.

The EasySleeve® & Ultimate Pipe Flashing ®


Flashing 4” Cast Iron is now quick and cost effective with the EasyFit™. EasyFit™ comes ready to go. Simply cut the pipe flush or below the roof deck & apply a fat bead of caulk for uneven cuts & seal. Insert the EasyFit™ and you’re ready to install the Ultimate Pipe Flashing®.



Made Smarter

  • SquareLock™ technology forms an I-Beam structure with incredible hold.
  • Certified Almag 35 does not corrode or break
  • Angled set screws make installation easier, helping prevent panel damage
  • Custom oval set screws don’t damage the metal seam like ‘cookie-cutter’ cup point screws
  • Lower Blades are much closer to the panel avoiding ice sheet damage to gutters and property
  • Faster Installation (you can get your impact drill back out of the truck)

A snow guard you can actually tighten!

Square Lock