I need a copy of your warranty, where is it on your site?2019-07-08T15:15:55+00:00

The warranty is located in the “Support” pull down menu. Simply click on the ‘warranty’ pull down menu and scroll to the bottom of the screen and click ‘download’.

My pipe boot is installed, but I don’t see the ring on it. Is this a problem?2019-05-22T18:49:10+00:00

Each Ultimate Pipe Flashing must have the black PVC collar on it during installation. If it is missing it may allow the silicone boot to loosen over time.

Can I use an EasySleeve to make my existing pipe higher?2016-10-07T18:56:27+00:00

No, EasySleeve® cap gasket must firmly engage the top of the existing pipe. If it does not, it could lead to water intrusion.

My Radon PVC does not seem to fit the Ultimate, what should I do?2019-05-08T14:33:10+00:00

Schedule 30 PVC pipes (commonly used for Radon venting) require our 30/40 adapter or must me re-plumbed to Schedule 40 PVC.

Does the Ultimate Pipe Flashing® fit cast iron vent pipes?2015-08-05T19:57:17+00:00

Technically it may be the same diameter, but because of the naturally abrasive surface of cast iron we recommend using the EasyFit™ or EasySleeve®. For 4″ cast iron, use the EasyFit™ and follow our EasyFit™ Installation video on this website. For 2″ and 3″ cast iron, use EasySleeve®, installation video also available on this website.

Can I install, or do I have to hire a roofer?2015-05-15T01:29:01+00:00

We recommend that you hire a professional roofer, however a pipe flashing can be successfully installed with minimum tools and skills.

I have a very steep pitch on my roof, can I use your part?2019-05-08T14:11:33+00:00

Yes. The Ultimate Pipe Flashing® can handle 18/12 roof pitch with ease.

Is your part easy to install?2015-05-15T01:25:32+00:00

Yes, in fact, it can be easier than the older parts because it has more flashing on the edges. It does not require caulking.

I live in Alaska, will the extreme cold affect the life of the flashing?2015-05-15T01:29:55+00:00

No, our temperature operating range has been tested from  -67 degrees through 437 degrees Fahrenheit.

The towelette is missing, what can I use?2019-05-08T14:17:23+00:00

The lubricant is  silicone based, with odorless mineral spirits. In its absence or should it dry before use,  Windex & Armor All work well  as do many other lubricants like degreasers 409 and Greased Lighting. These chemicals will not damage the boot or the pipe.

Could a leaking plumbing flashing lead to attic mold?2015-05-15T01:30:23+00:00

Yes, and it could go undetected for years inside the walls & structure.

If I have a large quantity, how will it ship?2019-05-22T18:45:08+00:00

We suggest that you contact the office at 877-904-1002 for all orders over (9) UPF as we have access to more economical shipping options than are available on the website.

Do I need to know my pipe size, or can I cut your flashing to size?2015-05-15T01:23:39+00:00

It is essential that you measure your PVC/ABS pipe, our part is sized to fit each pipe size and cannot be cut or modified to fit an incorrect size. we have provided a sizing template if needed.

Does your flashing come in any other colors?2019-05-08T14:20:22+00:00

At this time the Kynar brown and stainless steel are the only colors available.