Progressive Pipe Flashing

AwardAttendees at IRE were jazzed over the Ultimate Pipe Flashing® product line and set record booth attendance for Lifetime Tool and Building Products, reports Roger Cline, founder of the business located in Winchester, VA.

“The booth attendance was inspiring,” Cline said, “More and more contractors stopped by and told their success stories of how using the Ultimate Pipe Flashing® had helped them gain sales and allowed them to upsell their offering against lower-priced competition”.

The product was developed by Cline and his team in an effort to fill the void in long service-life flashings for roof-penetrating vent pipes. The team specified only quality materials, like 24-gauge Kynar-coated steel and high-purity compression-molded silicone, both known for excellent long-term resistance to UV, ozone and weathering. In addition, the novel design allows the flashings to accommodate most roof pitches from flat to very steep. The precision engineered seal geometry along with its proprietary sleeves for retrofitting cast iron and copper pipe.

Roofing Contractor Magazine, May 2015